HLR Lookup

HLR Lookup service lets you perform an instant check on the network status and live connectivity for every single mobile number in your database and also helps you identify active numbers.

Reducing Fraud

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes. You need a versatile tool to help you detect and fight anything from spam account signups to bad actors.

Lookup helps you spot fraud using phone number data such as caller origin, line type, and caller name. Protect users, and assess risk proactively using reliable data.

Increase lead conversions

Context is essential to customer experience and conversion. Lookup instantly delivers you a caller ID name and persona type so you can provide a customer or business with a tailored experience even if its their first time calling in.

Improve message deliverability

Your message matters to your customers. Lookup serves up carrier and phone number information so you can pick the right medium for your message and ensure its delivered.

Contact Profile Setup

How Localmail Lookup makes a difference in your business

Having the correct data is only half the battle. You need accuracy and speed to protect your users and fight fraud at scale. Lookup gives you the tools you need to do just that.

High throughput, no throttling

Lookup enables you to make thousands of requests per second with no lag.

Accurate data backed by multiple sources

Old data is as good as no data. Lookup gives you the most current data so you can make the right decisions.

Build fast

Lookup is easy to integrate with your application via REST API and prebuilt SDKs.