Contact Management

FREE Online Contact Manager

Nothing is better than FREE Contact Management is totally FREE for a single user. You can also upgrade to Sales Force Automation to manage your sales pipeline and Marketing Automation to send bulk email and SMS messages.

FREE Online Contact Manager

Contact Manager

Contact Management is ideal for individuals, small office / home office entrepreneurs and businesses, especially the retailers, who need to manage their contacts/members profiles. You can store, add and modify contacts at anytime and anywhere with an Internet access.

Contact Profile Setup

Contact profile fields can be added or modified. No programming knowledge is required.

Contact Profile Setup

Opt-in Form Generator

Boost your database by signing up website visitors. The simple subscriber form generator builds your signup page within minutes and starts growing your database without extra investment.


Segment members into groups. A group can be one memorizing particular persons (static group) or one memorizing your selection criteria (criteria-based group). Criteria-based groups are smart enough to automatically include any lately added contacts which meet their criteria.

Excel Import & Export

With a few clicks, your contacts in Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, general database systems, etc, will be screened and imported. The common CSV and XLS file formats are supported. Along with import, all contacts or those of a particular group can also be exported at any time.

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