Anti-SPAM Policy

Why Anti-SPAM?

Local Mail believes interests of marketers should be balanced with rights of every email recipient. We also highly respect privacy that personal information should not be shared with nor used by any third party without prior consent. These are the core beliefs behind our Anti-SPAM policy.

  • To Protect Benefits of Every Email Recipients

    To respect the users' willingness on receiving emails.

  • To Protect Interests of All Our Service Clients

    Spamming will cause our servers to be blacklisted by Anti-SPAM alliances, blocking of email delivery, including normal solicited emails.

Defining SPAM

Sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) is also known as spamming. This lies on whether the email recipients have reasonable expectation on receiving your emails. Even if you put a declaration such as "It is NOT a junk mail" in your email, it does not mean this is not spamming. Here we include guidelines for your reference:

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